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A narrator that can read any text



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If you have bad vision and can't read websites and other text on your computer, Screen Reader is a very useful program to let you access the entire content of a document or website without any effort. To use it, just copy and paste the text into its interface and Screen Reader will read it aloud.

There are no word or character limits, so don't worry about entering too much text or even an entire book. If you prefer, you can even copy and paste a specific number of paragraphs in order. The narrator's voice, tone, pronunciation, and volume are completely adjustable from the setup menu, where you can choose the speed of the voice or even change the voice itself.

To make reading more accessible, you can reduce or increase screen brightness directly from the Screen Reader interface without using the control panel to adjust the settings. This feature is particularly helpful for those with vision problems that are further aggravated by light. There are also keyboard shortcuts to do any action.

This program also includes its own browser that can read aloud automatically whenever you need it to, without your having to copy and paste. Thus, there are actually two tools here to make daily life easier. If you prefer a certain voice, you can personalize this aspect manually. Screen Reader is, in short, a perfect tool to help you access the content you need.
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